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Martha is eight years and in primary two. She lives with her mother who is under abusive marriage.
Her father doesn’t give them any help being a drunkard and having other women. Her mother has no income and she struggles to put food on the table for Martha and her brother.
Martha is looking for a sponsor to help her get a bright future and escape psychological abuse due to domestic abuse she sees her mother go through day by day.

She currently pays $75 per term, a year has three term that’s 3x$75 =$225 for a full year.



Marium is fifteen years old in primary seven. Marium and her sister have been through hard times due to the loss of their dad at a very young age with nowhere to live to an extent that at a certain time they had nowhere to live which forced her mother to get married to get a shelter for her children. This seemed like a better solution until of recent when their step dad started abusing their mom and them. They move around looking for where to sleep what to eat as their mother works tirelessly on other peoples garden to feed and support her children’s, by the time their mom cried to us for help, the girls where to drop out of school, we managed to support them this term but it will be hard to support Mariam further if she doesn’t get a sponsor to help her continue schooling to attain a bright future

She currently pays $75 per term; a year has three term that’s 3x$75 =$225 for a full year.

Shivan is thirteen years old and in primary six.

Shivan is an orphan who lives with her mother in a deep village in Ntungamo district in western Uganda.

Her mother is a house wife whose has no income at all and only depends on farming which she does on a small piece of land left to her by her late husband. She straggles with her education and she was at the verge of dropping out of school to early marriage and this is when NFDO-Ug came in to her rescue. As an organization in partnership with our donors, we are helping her with school fees and other scholastic materials.

Shivan is looking for a sponsor who can help her in her education journey to escape early marriages and earn a living to help her widowed mother.

She pays $50 per term; a year has three terms =3x5= $150.

Joan is in senior four and lives with her widowed mother. Joan and her siblings lost their dad in 2021 and since then her education became difficult in that her mother could not manage to pay her school fees. If Joan’ s education is not taken care of she will drop out of school and get married at this tender age support Joan’s education through NFDO-Uganda

She currently pays $75 per term, a year has three term that’s 3x$75 =$225 for a full year.