Organization - Uganda

Nurturing for Future Development

Meet the founder of NFDO-Uganda

Marium, who’s the NFDO-Uganda initiation idea, begun with, she is passionate of helping and bringing hope to the needy most specially the children, youth and women. She is committed to realizing development among the vulnerable people   She is the executive director to NFDO-Uganda



Bob Maahe, always around Marium, the mentor and the sympathizer to her during all what she went through, but at last managed to graduate at the university Makerere. Together with Marium, they decided to start NFDO-Uganda, to help vulnerable people in accessing services/opportunities that would address their worries.


Other co-founders of NFDO-Uganda

Prossy is a social worker profession and she is the co-founder of NFDO-Uganda. She is passionate of improving the general living of the people. She is innovative and creative in the field alternatives links to development.

She is currently working as the NFDO-Uganda general secretary to the board.


Anna, is lawyer by profession, she is a co-founder of NFDO-Uganda and is passionate of grooming most desirable citizens in the country.

She is working as the secretary for children in NFDO-Uganda.